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Shiteater Omicron

  • Mr Shiteater Omicron

    Shiteater Omicron is just an idiot, an idiot and a douche. A mentally fragile narcissist with certain symptoms, he needs to control his mental illness lest his illness control him, and destroy him and his close family.
    Please stand by as this file may be updated.
  • Dirty Laundry and Decomposing Garbage

    Alright, I've fucking had it. I'm sick of being "nice", and there's no easy or polite way to address this, so I'm just gonna burn the motherfucker down. If my wife divorces me over airing dirty laundry in public, so fucking be it. My wife comes from a very hoity-toity Spanish culture in which it is damn near a Mortal Sin to cause the family shame. So whatever the fuck, let the motherfucker burn (metaphorically).