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  • SOLI — Expeditious Resolution of Marital Infidelity

    For, she acts as a child, a child whom has duties and obligations to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of her Brother, which she claims to justify her denying the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of her husband. I'm not a scholar, nor am I even vaguely versed in Canon Law, but I feel that this is inherently WRONG, both as a man, and as a Christian.
  • The Truant Wifely Response

    Here's the raw reply from my wife, and albeit I've read it, I'll take some time to unpack it. One of the funnier things I found was the fact that she tries to justify and support her being the injured party by the raw nature of my reaction to essentially being cuckolded by the Brother of my Wife.
    And then, she ends it on "Don't talk to me unless you have corrected your behaviour and gone to confession... ive told you to treat me with respect, since you have not i will not talk to you."
    Again, she deflects. I love her, and I am angry that she is being EMOTIONALLY unfaithful to me. Cherry on top is that it's with her brother, so I'm supposed to be "okay" with it.