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1 Corinthians 13:11

My love, Maritza,

You EVIDENTLY don't love me like I love you. I have such a deep burning desire for you, but you, you don't need me, like I need you. That is disappointing, it seems that you only like to MAKE BELIEVE that you are married, like a child playing house.. All the way down to the fact that you BRAG that you are menstruating, and want for NOT to be home with me, but instead feel obliged to SAVE YOUR BROTHER from that fact that he put what, 30 HOLES IN THE BATHROOM WALL? I want you, but you want only to live for David and your mother. I am a DISTANT third. You don't really love me, that much has been clear; ever since you ran AWAY from a threat, and right PAST me. Because you don't feel that I can protect you. That hurts me, that you do not feel me strong so as to protect you.

I do not drag your family down. You KNOW that is David. He racked up tens of thousands of dollars in Credit-Card debt. He took mum's savings and "invested" it into a scam. He stole what, $1,000 dollars straight from mum's purse (and under your nose) last fall when you were visiting. Remember, you were saying that it was odd that he put cologne on to go out for a walk. You checked mum's purse, and several hundred dollars were missing.

That is not my fault. I'm never going to let David forget it, and the record is on the internet, for anyone to see. Because he NEEDS to be stopped, he must NOT cause further harm to our mum. I am angry, mainly because you have been away from me FOR 8-DAYS FFS. That is an eternity, to be without my heart. When David holds you, my heart there in Victoria, it hurts me, and I will lash out at him. He will be a perpetual drain on our married life, and he is sucking the life out of our marriage, as he will take EVERYTHING he can get from you. I will not be cuckolded —emotionally or otherwise— and most especially not by my Brother-in-Law. You say that I am "slandering" you? Slandering you by stating FACTS?

My Love, you ARE abandoning me, your HUSBAND for David, you BROTHER. David takes money from your MOTHER, but you do NOTHING about it, and you just ENABLE his parasitic behaviour. When I see him with you (over Skype), the fact that HE is the reason that you are still in Victoria —some 2100 MILES AWAY— makes me ANGRY at him. I don't CARE if he is our BROTHER. He is dragging YOU away from our marriage. HE is causing you to IGNORE your marital obligation. I have opened the Marriage Tribunal file so you realize just how SERIOUS this situation can quickly become. We need to work as a TEAM. As a UNIT. As HUSBAND and WIFE. Why is that so foreign to you? All I see is YOU working side-by-side with DAVID, two siblings who have always been together, and will be as one until the day they die. I have been without your touch, unable to hold, unable to kiss you, and unable to feel you at my side for 87 DAYS. You have had your wonderful SURROGATE HUSBAND Leonidas Orozco to satisfy your every want.. because it seems that all you want is to remain a CHILD.

A child needs only PHYSICAL INTIMACY, and EMOTIONAL INTIMACY. But when a child grows to an adult, they put away their childish desires, and they begin to hunger for SEXUAL INTIMACY. As I said previously, unless you are exercising your RIGHT TO MARITAL INFIDELITY, you have a husband, and you must slake your Husband's, my, thirst as I, your Husband, satisfy your hunger for SEXUAL COMMUNION. I have called you, begging you to return quickly, for I need to TOUCH, I need to HOLD, I need to be one WITH you. Not playing phone tag some 2100 miles away, while you're playing house with your SURROGATE HUSBAND..

David is the problem, that I can see clearly. Why did you not say something sooner? If only he were to be Managed by the Public Guardian and Trustee, because for his case, that is why they are in place. I do NOT want him to cause you financial hardship. If I had known just how BAD he is (you say there are 30 holes in the wall? That's just wrong, but also.. to repair it they should not fill each hole, but they should cut out the damaged portion and put in a chunk of drywall with the necessary supports) I would have referred LEONIDAS "DAVID" OROZCO to the PGTBC, because it is HE, not I, that is dragging your family down.

If his funds and mum's were managed by the PGTBC, he would be unable to steal mum's money, and unable to "waste" his own. I believe in the least-intrusive means of intervention, but he NEEDS to be stopped. I think you're already going into debt because of this (I'll try to scrounge some more money up to send you Wednesday) he will SINK you, mum, and himself. I have very LITTLE liquid assets, but I will try to do what I can. However, I still NEED you by Sep03, this HUSBAND needs his WIFE before you are gone OVER 3-MONTHS. It keeps dragging out, as you find more reason to help LEONIDAS OROZCO, who seems to have supplanted Me, your HUSBAND. If you want, we could go for a trip together in the Spring, to Victoria, if I can save enough money for it.

I MISS you something awful. You say I'm being brutish, yes. That I'm disrespecting your brother, yes. I NEED you like a plant needs water, like a tree needs soil. YOU are my everything, so when I see David pulling and usurping you from me, he is LITERALLY interfering with out marriage, and that ANGERS me to no end. At these times, I wish him the most harm that a man can do to another. You call me over Skype from 2100 MILES away, and you are so close to him, that he could just reach out and touch you.  I'm sorry, but it is at these times that I wish him dead. He is causing you to FORGET your Husband; you no longer see it as URGENT to return to your HUSBAND  for you have your well-established routine from when you were a Child to return to. For it's like you NEVER REALLY PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS. For, it is like the last 10-years you were only playing house.

And so, I get VERY angry; angry that he is manipulating you and taking my Wife away from me, and I am OFFENDED because you do not stand up for OUR UNION. No, but it is as I said previously, I'm out of sight, out of mind, and when you DO hear me, I screaming in pain because your BROTHER David is emotionally cuckolding me, your HUSBAND. Leonidas is STEALING my WIFE, and he is INTERFERING with our marriage. If this was another time, I could challenge him to pistols at dawn, or rapier in the square, yet now, he is UNTOUCHABLE. He is protected by you, for you seem to treat him as your ONE-TRUE-HUSBAND.

You treat me as a PART-TIME-HUSBAND and, on Sep03, you will have been away precisely 3 out of 12, and been present for your marriage 30/40 months, which is the point when an employee goes from FULL TIME (40 Hrs) to PART TIME (<30 Hrs) and the employee loses their EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. So on Sep03, do I lose my MARITAL BENEFITS? Oh wait, that's what I have been deprived of, just so that you, as my WIFE, can give ANOTHER MAN all the INTIMACY he wants. As your BROTHER slakes his thirst, drinking DEEPLY o' your LOVE, your HUSBAND slowly fades away, withering and shriveling like a weed. Or starving like a stray dog. You want to go truant from your marriage and play house with your bwudder?

This is wrong, so very wrong. I am surprised that you cannot see just HOW wrong it is. That Leonidas "David" Orozco is violating our most SACRED and most HOLY union. I sent you a Cc of my letter to the MARRIAGE TRIBUNAL so you would understand just how WRONG it is. For you to SACRIFICE your own marriage at the altar of "King" LEONIDAS OROZCO, is definitely something that would NULLIFY our Sacrament, becasue it is STRAIGHT out of 1 Corinthians 13:11. By continuing, you DEMONSTRATE that you never put your childish ways and childish desires away, but rather lied and did some "Let's Pretend" at the IDEA of being married. You seem to have NEVER put away childish beliefs, and childish duties.
You STILL believe that your duty is firstly to your MOTHER and BROTHER, like we were never even married. Why do you NOT realize that when you are married, at least in our Faith, you cease to be a DAUGHTER and SISTER foremost, because your PRIMARY concern is now your Marriage, your HUSBAND  and any future children.

As hard as it is, you MUST leave your childish ways behind you. I do NOT wish to lose you. That could very well DESTROY me. But I will not be your "PART-TIME-HUSBAND" and I will NOT be emotionally cuckolded by your Brother, LEONIDAS OROZCO. That is so FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG that I have difficulty understanding why you are so blasé about it. You act as though we were NEVER married, tht it was ALL A DREAM. A fiction.

When you are a child, you are INTIMATE with your family; you are near to them PHYSICALLY,  and you are intimate with them EMOTIONALLY. That is your life as a child, as described in 1 Corinthians 13:11:

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child.
But, when I became a [woman], I put away the things of a child.

I hate that I have to say it, but you MUST leave your family and rejoin your Husband, Isaac. Does that make me such a bad man, that I want you to be with ME, and not your BROTHER and your MOTHER? You have been there since Jun4, separate from your HUSBAND. Yet, why do you not long for me? Am I so easily supplanted by your "BROTHER" Leonidas Orozco? Do you so wish to deprive me of your complete intimacy? Do you wish to deprive me of your touch, such that I will seek out the warm touch of a stranger? Not because I WANT to, but because you have SPURNED me for your own BROTHER.

Do you further wish that I seek out the comfort of a stranger, that I may know, be known, and share in the intimacy of a clear moonlit night? A night like we would wal, hand-in-hand, down the deserted streets. Do you mean to say, beause that you are sexually satiated otherwise, that you demand that I seek out coitus with another? Do you verily believe, that this be an easy choice for me? After all, you say that I am like all men, a Pig at heart. Why do you starve me, like a mongrel dlog, such that I would seek whatever sustenance I may get?

You are 2100 MILES away. You, quite evidently are fully satiated in all your appetites. You want not for touch, you yearn not for tender loving care, and you hunger not for your very SPOUSE? Why, why is that, my love? Each night I go to bed, alone, yearning to hold you, trying to recall the dim perception of you wondrous curves, you luscious lips, and tender Mons. Each morning, I awake alone, wishing to caress your supple figure.


This is a composite of the videos, so you can watch them in sync.

Me on the left: I look like a dick, and I act like a really nasty cunt. I'm a wreck, and I cannot focus. I'm eating dinner while ranting, so you'll see some not so pretty bullshit. Fuck it.
My spouse on the right: She's beautiful and wonderful, but she takes me for granted and does not really give a shit if I live or die. Because, she'll always have her lifelong emotional surrogate, the 43-year-priority brother, and 80-year-old mother.. they supplant me, effectually. C'est la vie.

I DO NOT CARE. Yet, I'll probably regret this later, but a line needs to be drawn. It's been 86 days at the time of posting. I'm being essentially cuckolded by my wife's brother, who evidently gives her something her husband cannot. Maybe I should start destroying the apartment, like him?

Why, why is it that you must sleep in the home of another man, even if that man is your BROTHER.  Why, why on earth did you take such delight in exclaiming to me that you were menstruating yesterday? Why, so that you could underscore the fact that when your fertile mons are eagerly awaiting seed, during Sep02-07, that I will be 2100 MILES AWAY from my spouse? Why, was it to make me jealous that you are in the house of another man, a man you appear to be using as an emotional "surrogate" for your HUSBAND, why did you do that?


Me: I look like a dick, and I act like a really nasty cunt. I'm a wreck, and I cannot focus. I'm eating dinner while ranting, so you'll see some not so pretty bullshit. I don't deserve her, but I cannot tolerate this quasi-cuckdom. Does that make me a bad husband? Fuck it.

What to do when you're quasi-cucked (I'm being dehydrated) by wife's brother and mother, and how NOT to act.

You realize I saw red when you dangled before me the fact that you were menstruating (on your period), and so would in about a week, be ovulating and ready to accept the firm planting of seed. Why, why I ask you? Did you wish to make me jealous of your brother, to rouse in me fears that you would seek yet further surrogacy from whom you have called KING LEONIDAS. Do you not think I might kill him in a jealous rage, if ever we meet again?

You are betraying OUR sacred vows for your BROTHER, your filial obligation, and whatever "duty" you feel towards him. Do you feel no marital obligation to me, Isaac, your HUSBAND? Do you not realize that your HUSBAND desires sexual congress with his WIFE, the one he is bound in Holy Matrimony? Or is it as as I queried in my earlier email, that you were never actually living without your life as a Child, which will mean that our marriage contract is NULL and VOID. It will NEVER have been. Do you not value our union?

Not only will it have been a WASTED decade, but I will lose YOU, my light, my heart, my EVERYTHING. I told you that our marriage saved me, and I fear that WITHOUT you to love, and be loved by, I will quickly perish. Yet, I will NOT play as an emotional cuckold to your BROTHER. Why do you make me beg like this? For this, this should come by nature to a WIFE. It will not come by nature to the CHILD, for the child will CLING to filial piety, and only recognize filial duty. I fear that you are yet as a child and that, rather than putting aside your childish ways and childish beliefs, you will cling to your Brother and your Mother, and that I will LOSE you. For you, you are my light, my one true and righteous LIGHT.

I love you, more than these words can express. Please my love, do not force me to lose you. Please do not cause me to seek elsewhere what you should readily provide, the coital union. Please, I beg of you, my love. Put away your childish ways, and return to the side of your HUSBAND, for you are the only one for me..
And I, well I be gettin' mighty hungry! Please don't make me lose you, my love. I want you, and I need you. None but you will suffice; any other shall be as a flickering candlestick during the blazing summer days. There is NO comparison.