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The Truant Wifely Response

Here's the raw reply from my wife, and albeit I've read it, I'll
take some time to unpack it. One of the funnier things I found was
the fact that she tries to justify and support her being the injured
party by the raw nature of my reaction to essentially being
cuckolded (emotionally) by the Mother & Brother of my Wife.
And then, she ends it on "Don't talk to me unless you have corrected 
your behaviour and gone to confession... ive told you to treat me with 
respect, since you have not i will not talk to you."
Again, she deflects. I love her, and I am angry that she is being
EMOTIONALLY unfaithful to me. Cherry on top is that it's with her
brother (and mum), so I'm supposed to be "okay" with it; her
prioritizing her childhood family over her marriage.

Flight of the Truant Faerie

Re: 1 Corinthians 13:11


okay you hate me your message it is loud and clear.  you never loved me that is coming through your messages.  you never cared for my family as small as it is . i am not alone i have a bigger family in south america.  however you seem to think that it is okay to bully me and to bully my brother.  stop bullying, what i see you do to others online is sick, do you not have something better to do,  if you drag my family down then i don't know you and nor wish to continue to know you---.  you are a rotten dirty pig. to suggest that because i want to help patch the bathroom walls and paint it that i am having an incestuous relationship or co=dependency.  who made you a doctor, doctor isaac hillier and where did you get your degree?  that is if you consider a psychiatry a science but it is  quakery, and your love for this type of lingo makes you a fool like they are.

i honestly thought you were better than this.  if you want to drag my family down like this then you are not my husband.  this probably will make you happy because this is what you are looking forward to, you want to end our union. 

 for your information the manager wanted that much for the damage to the walls and the repair, so i decided to repair the walls as she had recommended they be repaired or else upon moving out that would have to have been paid.  i only decided to repair the walls after mom asked me to do this and he will pay her for the paint supplies.

you have turned into a hateful vindictive, revengeful man, i thought you were better than that.  i am truly disappointed with your behaviour.  i am really upset with you. i dont want to talk to you.  you have written enough hateful, and false accusations.  

lay off adding others to our fight or do you want me to pick on your family and do a public shaming of them.  you are wrong to put up a blog and slander me and my brother, whatever happened to our love.  you are hateful, and not Christian.  A Christian is known by his behaviours and how he treats others.  Jesus says "they will know you are of me by your love for one another",you have shown me that you never converted or accepted the faith.  you are still acting like you are godless pagan like you didn't accept Christ.  

 first you threaten to commit adultery, then you threaten to hold Christ and the Virgin Mary hostage and do great harm as a devil worshiper would do to  their image. of course then you threaten with burning them. now you threaten or have carried out your threat by putting up a false version of our disagreement or fight. in it you spread your lies through slander about me and my brother online.  you don't know how to make peace with me, or are you purposely trying to break us apart.   

Don't talk to me unless you have corrected your behaviour and gone to confession, for you have offended me greatly with your sacrilege and with your adultery, with your constant insults, your jealousy your lies about me and now with dragging my brother into this.  i am nobody's bitch, slut, idiot, fucking stupid, or stupid child,  ive told you to treat me with respect, since you have not i will not talk to you.

On Truancy

The second quality of literature is its suggestiveness, its appeal
to our emotions and imagination rather than to our intellect. It is
not so much what it says as what it awakens in us that constitutes
its charm. When Milton makes Satan say, "Myself am Hell," he does
not state any fact, but rather opens up in these three tremendous
words a whole world of speculation and imagination. When Faustus in
the presence of Helen asks, "Was this the face that launched a
thousand ships?" he does not state a fact or expect an answer. He
opens a door through which our imagination enters a new world, a
world of music, love, beauty, heroism,--the whole splendid world of
Greek literature. Such magic is in words.
When Shakespeare describesnthe young Biron as speaking

        In such apt and gracious words
That aged ears play truant at his tales,

he has unconsciously given not only an excellent description of
himself, but the measure of all literature, which makes us play
truant with the present world and run away to live awhile in the
pleasant realm of fancy.
The province of all art is not to instruct but to delight;
and only as literature delights us, causing each reader
to build in his own soul that "lordly pleasure house" of which
Tennyson dreamed in his "Palace of Art," is it worthy of its name.