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SOLI — Expeditious Resolution of Marital Infidelity

Dear Marriage Tribunal,

I have been keeping you informed about the harrowing situation I am undergoing with my marriage. My spouse is a cradle Catholic while I was baptized prior to received the Sacrament of Marriage. My wife has been away from me, without my agreement, for 88-days, allegedly to provide emotional and physical support for her brother, Leonidas "David" Orozco. I have been consistently communicating to her that fact that I need her at my side, at first gently, and now more aggressively as it became apparent that she feels that she is firstly a Sister and a Daughter, and only lastly does she consider herself a Wife.

I have directly referred her to 1 Corinthians 13:11, trying to use it in order to demonstrated to my spouse that she appears to have never put away her childish ways and childish obligations; that she needs to act like a grown-up, because what she's presently doing is supplanting her Husband with her Brother, satisfying her Brother's need for Physical and Emotional support, while denying me my need for, and right to, Physical, Emotion, and Sexual support. As such, she is defiling her Marital Duty, and being quintessentially unfaithful. By denying me her full and complete Marital Intimacy, while satisfying her needs with the limited Filial Intimacy.
Marital: Personal, Emotional, Sexual
Filial: Personal, Emotional

For, she acts as a child, a child whom has duties and obligations to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of her Brother, which she claims to justify her denying the physical, emotional, and sexual needs of her husband. I'm not a scholar, nor am I even vaguely versed in Canon Law, but I feel that this is inherently WRONG, both as a man, and as a Christian.

I have Cc'd you on certain elements of this as time has allowed, but you can view a more comprehensive collection at The Frigid Faerie repository, specifically in a section of Love Letters as follows:

I've posted this through a publicly accessible forum in the interests of getting this resolved, as it is now inescapably apparent to me that my Wife has never put away her childish ways, so thusly invalidating our Sacrament of Marriage by way of a variation of Ratum non consummatum. My Wife has CONSISTENTLY chosen her filial duty to mother and brother, over her marital duty to myself. Inasmuch, it would appear to my novice eyes that she never REALLY became an adult, and as such, was not competent to enter into a Marriage Contract in Our Church.

Inasmuch, I requested an expedited dissolution.