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Never Give the Wife an Ultimatum

Never give the Wife an ultimatum, but NEVER spurn or otherwise violate your Holy Matrimony.. ESPECIALLY if you're married to a tech who knows the law. Don't be stupid.


This is a composite of the videos, so you can watch them in sync.

Me on the left: I look like a dick, and I act like a really nasty cunt. I'm a wreck, and I cannot focus. I'm eating dinner while ranting, so you'll see some not so pretty bullshit. Fuck it.
My spouse on the right: She's beautiful and wonderful, but she takes me for granted and does not really give a shit if I live or die. Because, she'll always have her lifelong emotional surrogate, the 43-year-priority brother, and 80-year-old mother.. they supplant me, effectually. C'est la vie.

I DO NOT CARE. Yet, I'll probably regret this later, but a line needs to be drawn. It's been 86 days at the time of posting. I'm being essentially cuckolded by my wife's brother, who evidently gives her something her husband cannot. Maybe I should start destroying the apartment, like him?

Several long telephone conversations later.. I'm going to have to edit them to remove stupid commentary such as...


I gave my wife the ultimatum that if she's not back before the 13-WEEK anniversary of her fundamental abandonment of her husband, there will be consequences.
So of course, after my hideous outburst in which I declared that I NEED her back by Sep03, she purchased an alteration to her ticket, abusing the Air Canada policy of providing free flight changes if it is because of a COVID-related event. I'll have to look up the Fraud line for Air Canada, because if she ain't comin' back by Sep03, then she might as well stay where she is.

Flight of the Truant Faerie

I am hurt, but I know where the line is, in every sense of the word. You, my love, crossed the line and forced the "threatened" ANNULMENT to become a more probable eventuality. We'll either get annulled and part, or we'll figure something out and get PROPERLY married. If she EVER damn well returns. Don't be a fucking child.

1 Corinthians 13:11

Compromise means, we take the difference between Sep03 and Sep17, make a net "adjustment" of 100% additional cost, which Air Canada will LOVE, settle on Sep05, and then have a talk about it in person on the evening of Sep05, at home in Toronto, when the Truant Wife finally resumes her Marital Duties of Wife, having finally closed the door on the Filial Duties of Good Daughter and Supportive Sister..